Legal Assist is available to validated TFG customers within South Africa.


The Legal Assist service is a broad based advice service that offers members assistance with legal advice. It includes areas of general law in South Africa, such as civil, criminal, labour, conveyancing, tax, financial advice and family law.

It is a legal advice service provided to members by admitted attorneys whether they are Europ Assistance SA’s own internal advisors or whether they are external practising attorneys.

The service comprises of:

  • A 24 hour legal advice line
  • Standard legal document service and;
  • Direct legal consultation.

A 24-hours telephonic legal advice line

The 24 hours advice line, in the first instance serves as a portal for members who have legal enquiries.

Upon receiving a call an advisor, based on the nature of the matter, is able to consider a number of alternatives. For example the advisor may:

Deal with the matter expeditiously by providing advice and dispensing with it;

Inform the caller that the matter is of such a nature that the advisor requires an opportunity to research the law or to discuss it with a colleague who may be more knowledgeable on the topic after which, the advisor would return the member’s call; Forward a standard legal document to the Member through preferred means of communication (which may include Fax, Post or e-mail) for the latter to use in the matter at hand. The list of documents that a Member may have access to is attached here to; or Recommend that the member attend at an attorney who, or whose firm is a member of Europ Assistance SA’s national panel of attorneys who render such services for a 30 (thirty) minute free consultation.

The 24 hours advice line is 365 days a year service and all calls are logged for future reference should a party have a valid reason that a call be retrieved.

The service is provided through state of the art technology that includes telephony and applicable hardware and software.

Legal Assist will ensure that a sufficient number of advisors are available to conduct the 24 hours advice line at all relevant times.

Equally, for the 24 hours advice line purposes, Legal Assist has the obligation and duty to have quality control measures in place to monitor whether the advice proffered was current and correct.

A document service

The document service includes providing Members with papers or documents for routine legal needs which contain guidance charts that explain documents’ applications. Advisors are able to forward the documents to Members without delay.

Examples of documents that are available are:

  • A Small Claims Court kit (including guidelines as to whether a matter falls within the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court),
  • A Domestic Workers Agreement,
  • A Maintenance Kit.

A direct legal consultation service

The free 30 minute consultation service is available to Members provided it takes place at a firm that is within the magisterial district within which the Member resides. Upon a Member consenting to attend such meeting, the relevant advisor will arrange the meeting and revert back to the Member to confirm.

If requested to, the panel attorney may draft a letter of demand or make one telephone call on a Member’s behalf, both of which will be free of charge.

If, after the consultation the Member wishes to mandate the attorney, it will be the Member’s prerogative to do so and at the Member’s own cost.

A Member will be responsible not to exceed the 30 minute time limit as any attorney’s costs that may accrue for the extended period will be for the Member’s own account.

Referral letter will be sent to the attorney which clearly indicates that the first 30 minutes are free and the attorney has to obtain clients instructions and mandate regarding further time and costs.

General Conditions

In order to validate members and provide the services Europ Assistance SA will need to collect and process members’ personal information. Europ Assistance SA undertakes to only collect and process members’ personal information to the extent that is necessary to provide the services and will take appropriate steps to protect such information from unauthorised access.

Europ Assistance SA undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, Protection of Personal Information Act and Electronic Communications and Transactions Act in all respects as well as all Legislation which may be applicable to the parties and the services they offer.

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